How To: Double down and split hands while playing blackjack

Double down and split hands while playing blackjack

This video shows you some of the basic rules of playing casino blackjack. While playing blackjack you always want to assume that the card the dealer has that is not showing has a value of ten. In this case he displays some hands against a dealer hand that is showing a 5. Therefore, under this method you would assume that the dealer has a 15, which is a prime position for them to bust. He shows you how to double down which means that you match your previous bet when you're in a good position to beat the dealer. Then the dealer will give you one more card; the downfall to this is that you cannot ask for another card after a double down. Another thing you can do is split your pairs. In a hand like this when you are dealt two aces you can split these by placing another bet equal to that of your initial bet. Then these two aces are split and you can play them like 2 different hands. Overall this video shows you the basics of playing blackjack and some of the techniques and strategies that can help you along the way.

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